T.Q. Machining, Inc. grinding capabilities include Conventional, Creep Feed, and CBN grinding. In the area of EDM we have both RAM style EDM and Deep Hole EDM. In addition, we have substantial capacity in the more conventional machining methods, such as Milling, Drilling, and Finishing, as well as 3 and 4 axis CNC vertical machining.

Machining Capabilities








Work Centers

Grinding-10 Centers

  1. CBN

  2. Creep Feed

  3. O.D.

  4. I.D.

  5. Conventional

Milling-9 Centers

  1. 3-Axis CNC

  2. 4-Axis CNC

  3. Manual

EDM-10 Centers

  1. Ram Style

Deep Hole EDM-3 Centers

  1. 4-Axis

  2. Manual

Lathes-4 Centers

  1. CNC

  2. Manual

Metrology-3 Centers